By Wook Kim
Updated December 03, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

According to the Chinese calendar, 2007 was the Year of the Pig. But talk to a devoted group of consumers — ranging from obsessive gearheads to gotta-have-it-now early adopters to usually techno-phobic housewives — and they’ll tell you it was the Year of the iPhone. They may have a point. Brisk sales of Apple’s all-in-one device have added to the company’s already healthy bottom line — and Time magazine recently dubbed the $499 $399 device “Invention of the Year.” (In fact, the iPhone was a sensation before it even showed up in stores: literally minutes after after Steve Jobs announced the gadget back in January, tech-bloggers went into overdrive — speculating on performance specs and offering their own visions of a glorious post-iPhone world). Let’s face it, we’d be hard-pressed to name another gadget or piece of electronics that made such a splash this year.

Hmmm…except for the Nintendo Wii (still in ridiculously short supply — some fourteen months after it debuted)… Or the latest e-books from Sony and Amazon… Or increasingly affordable high-definition TV sets (hey, my parents want one — I think the last piece of electronics they purchased was an AM/FM clock radio back in 1978)…And, well, there’s probably a couple dozen other nifty electronic devices I’m forgetting.

Okay, all you tech-savvy PopWatchers: What gadgets did you absolutely have to go out and buy this year? And which ones are still on your holiday wish list?