I’ve managed to sneak the name Imani Coppola into PopWatch once or twice before, but if you’ve ever heard her brilliant (and underappreciated) 1997 disc Chupacabra, then you know why she’s one of my musical obsessions.

Now, much to my delight, Coppola’s back with a new disc, The Black and White Album, and despite no longer having major-label support, her track “Raindrops From the Sun (Hey Hey Hey)” landed on the opening scene of a recent Grey’s Anatomy episode. And why not? “Raindrops” is an exceedingly catchy little ditty, one that builds and builds and builds till you want to stand up at your desk and join in that final chorus of “Wel-come an-gels! Wel-come an-gels!”Okay, maybe that’s just me. But you’ve got to admit, Coppola’s got a lovely way with a lyric. I’d argue the opening lines of “Raindrops” — “Yesterday was kind of like the Fourth of July/ The way your face lit up the entire sky/ I had to look away because it hurt my eyes” — is more poetic than all the songs in this week’s Billboard Top 10 combined. And that final convergence of layered vocals, sweeping strings, and hip-hop beats sticks to my brain like a Post-It to a filing cabinet. Gorgeous!

So who else out here in PopWatchLand agrees that “Raindrops from the Sun” deserves to be a huge hit, even if it’s unlikely that a single corporate-radio drone in America will ever listen to it, let alone consider letting it pinch hit for the hourly Rihanna number he or she has scheduled for the next 472 days? (Whew!) Come on now! Show some love (or other feeling) for “Raindrops” in the comments section below!

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