So I’ve been out of the office since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving—when my piece pronouncing the promise of seeing Geoff Stults (pictured) shirtless one of the seven reasons you might want to consider tuning into ABC’s October Road this season went live—and I returned today to the following voicemail:

“So um, I read your article, and I was just wondering if, like, you wanted to set up a little separate time to meet up and do some ab watching. I could, you know, take my shirt off and dance about your office—that would be great. So when you get back from vacation on December 3, you just give me a call, and we’ll schedule somethin’. This is Geoff Stults, by the way. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. Talk soon.”

You didn’t leave your number, Geoff, so consider this my reply: It’s on.