By Mandi Bierly
November 30, 2007 at 09:14 PM EST

Have you ever done a complete-180 on an actor? Here’s why I’m asking: Unbeknownst to Vincent D’Onofrio (pictured), he and I have been on the outs since 2000, when he made The Cell. His serial-killer turn traumatized me so heavily that I haven’t been able to watch him in anything since save Adventures in Babysitting. Literally, I just whimpered when I YouTube’d the movie to find a clip.

Then last week, I stumbled across a Law & Order: Criminal Intent repeat and decided it was finally time to face my fear. (I credit that cute, non-threatening logo promo for CI‘s move to USA with giving me the strength.) Now, I can’t get enough of D’Onofrio’s Detective Goren: those awkward mannerisms, that disregard for personal space, that empathetic voice that makes you believe he’d be fascinated by a man (Perfect Strangers‘ Mark Linn-Baker) with Asperger’s. They say if you initially dislike someone then grow to appreciate him, you actually like him more than you would’ve had you been fond of him to begin with — something about compensating for the guilt over misjudging him. My DVR supports that theory.

Your turn. Which actor or actress has had to win you over (or back)? Anyone else surprised to find themselves enjoying David Boreanaz’s comedic timing on Bones, for example?

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