By Abby West
Updated November 30, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

We take our TV watching pretty seriously around here, but I doubt that anyone takes it as seriously as this lady, who allegedly stabbed her friend for channel-surfing.

(That said, at the risk of this being used against me in court someday, I have to admit that sometimes…after a long day of work…when all I really want to do is just enjoy my DVR’ed General Hospital, anticipating scenes with Jason (Steve Burton, pictured)…listening to my husband step all over the “dialogue” and make jokes about the characters and story lines…it’s not so inconceivable I might snap and go after him with something.)

Um, did I just put that thought into print? Help me out here, PopWatchers. You sometimes fight over the remote, right? Or feel your blood pressure go up when your roommate does the dishes during your favorite show? So let’s hear about it: What’s the worst case of remote-rage you’ve ever had (or fantasized about)? Don’t be afraid to be honest — if my hubby can handle it, so can your loved ones!