This morning, a co-worker spied the words “Snoop Dogg’s ‘Sensual Seduction’ video” written on a dry-erase board and wondered aloud whether that was the title of some sort of very, very NSFW cinematic offering. In case any of you out there are having the same thought right about now, let me assure you that Snoop Dogg’s “Sensual Seduction” video is not porn. No, it’s something much better: A music video for big Snoop’s new single, which finds him trading in his usual rapping for four minutes of quiet-storm crooning through a T-Pain-esque vocoder. I honestly couldn’t stand the song the first time I heard it (in an uncensored version bearing the even skeevier-sounding title “Sexual Eruption”), but its silky-smooth melody has since become permanently lodged in my brain. So what kind of bizarre visual feast could Snoop come up with to match “Sensual Seduction”? Check out the video below, and click through to the jump for my insta-take.Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction EXCLU
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Wow. Snoop’s longstanding fondness for ’70s/’80s kitsch reaches newlevels in this low-rent, high-genius monster. He’s climbing a stageystaircase in a white-leopard-print tux, surrounded by billows of smoke!He’s playing a keytar with the kind of effects rigthat looks like a scuba snorkel! He’s flying through outer space on adivan/bed UFO! He’s playing with a full band in frontof a funhouse mirror like the one in the second half of Prince’s “When Doves Cry” video!Honestly, words might not be able to do this thing justice — if youhaven’tyet, do yourself a favor and click “play.” It’s hands-down, the funniest, weirdest,most hypnotic clip of 2007 — and somehow, it’s a whole lotmore watchable than most self-consciously campy retro videos. I have noidea whether Snoop is making fun of himself or if this is actually hisidea of romantic mood music. But if this is what the apocalypsesounds/looks like, count me in! Who’s with me?