‘Tis the season when pop-culture pundits start compiling best and worst lists in every conceivable category, and we here at certainly aren’t immune. Right now, we’re working on a list of the Worst Style Moments of 2007, and because we want to leave early today and start our holiday shopping value your opinions, we’d like you to help us brainstorm a list of nominees.

As someone whose personal ’07 style nadir involved a lamb osso buco splatter on a light-blue dress shirt (right before I went to a fancy party!), I’m probably a dubious choice to start the discussion, but I’m gonna go ahead and nominate those metallic wings slapped on Jennifer Hudson’s brown Oscar gown, and Britney Spears’ much-dissected costume from this year’s VMAs. The former seemed to me like a sad case of a well-liked young starlet foolishly following the advice of a kooky guardian angel (Andre Leon Talley), and winding up as a fashion victim on Hollywood’s biggest night. And as for Britney’s bedazzled underpants and busted weave (second ugliest of the year, right behind the frayed, yellow-white yarn forced onTop Model‘s Jenah by Ken Paves), the whole thing reeked of desperation (and perhaps a hint of Fantasy).

Are you with me on that duo, PopWatchers? And what other unspeakable looks belong on the list of the worst style moments of 2007?

addCredit(“Jennifer Hudson: Bob Riha Jr./; Britney Spears: John Shearer/WireImage”)