By Christine Fenno
November 29, 2007 at 07:56 PM EST

Colin Farrell’s was the buzz that backfired. He stood out in Minority Report, but took ill-conceived risks with Alexander and Miami Vice. Can he turn his career around? His new role in Woody Allen’s upcoming Cassandra’s Dream, with costar Ewan McGregor, looks promising. But I think the new trailer for the oily little indie In Bruges (slated to open the 2008 Sundance Film Festival) is proof that Farrell isn’t a movie star who’s meant to carry giant films on his pale Irish shoulders. He’s at his best ordering a pint with a twinkle in his eye — and, in this case, bickering with Ralph Fiennes about how best to begin a shootout in a little Belgian town built on a canal. You can download the trailer at the movie’s official site or watch it below, though be warned that it’s full of colorful, NSFW profanity.

So, to sum up: No bad hair and no bad accents. A delicious amount of swearing and shooting. A cranky Colin Farrell cracking wise in Europe. The result is a seriously fun trailer. Check it out and weigh in: Do you think this movie will do anything to improve Farrell’s hype-to-success ratio?