James Franco and Mila Kunis take one for the team in this Judd Apatow, Dave Bernad and Andrew Epstein-produced Funny Or Die video to show what the world would be like without its beloved screenwriters. It would be… apocalyptic. With 354 channels dedicated to The Hills, remote controls would be useless. Or can you imagine The Hills: The Movie playing at every movie theater? With a new sequel every week? (It wouldn’t be much different from the original, maybe except for the fashion and the tint of their teeth.) But it’ll be okay. The writers and moguls have to make a deal, right?

As you nervously rock back and forth in your chair, check out Franco and Kunis doing their thing as Justin and Audrina. Franco looks like he kidnapped and killed GnR’s Slash, discarded the body and took his hair. And Kunis could use about five more pounds of eyeshadow and more tonal variations on the word “like” added to her lexicon. What do you think?