The Real World

After being the TV Watch writer for The Real World: Denver season, I vowed never to watch the show again. What with Colie’s drunkenness, Jenn’s looseness, and Brooke’s all-around psychosis, I figured I had paid my dues to the reality-show gods three-fold.

Fast-forward to the premiere of the Sydney season a few months back, where cast members Kelly Anne and Trisha ganged up on Parisa before the first shrimp landed on the barbie. I’m not sure how or why it happened, but suddenly, I found myself reeled into to yet another RW house. Dammit!

Anyhow, the juiciest drama this season has involved the “ladies,” and last night it came to a climax. So much so that I begged my PopWatch editors to let me do a blog post on the ridiculousness (thanks, guys!).

So here’s the setup: Last week, Trisha (a self-righteous, judgmental California girl and self-proclaimed child of God) shoved Parisa (a native New Yorker who is just as stubborn as she is insightful), after Parisa refused to get off the phone. That was a no-no. Physical violence is not allowed in any RW house (which is apparently written into their iron-clad contracts…probably right below the line that says, “You must drink any and all alcohol put in front of you, live damage or not!”). That incident left Parisa with a choice last night: Boot Trisha from the house, or resolve their issues and continue living under one roof.

Long story short: Parisa said buh-bye to Trisha, leaving Cohuttabewildered, Dunbar happy (“Trisha was definitely by far the mostmanipulative, most conniving, calculating person in the house,” he declared), andKelly Anne and Ashli enraged. (Seventh roomie, Isaac, however, has beenMIA ever since his bewildering run-in with a black bird.)

The sequence of events following the eviction—including Trisha’s partingwords to Parisa: “I’m the one who speaks what everyone else thinks thatyou’re worth, and you’re nothing”—might as well have been staged in an 8th-grader cafeteria. Kelly Anne and Ashli (who barely knew Trisha, since she justreplaced ex-roommate Shauvon) paired up to form “Team Trisha,” and vowed to make Parisa’slife a living hell. This led to classy tactics like spitting on the glassof the phone room while Parisa was in it. Maybe next week they can toilet-paper herbed and spread a rumor that she cheated on a test!

I can see why some of the roomies are mad; Parisa’s decision was harsh, as is pretty much everything she does. But on theother hand, I also think it was commendable that Parisa didn’t let a bully use physical force to intimidate her.

So, assuming I’m not the only person alive still watching this show (and not afraid to admit it), here’s what I want to know: Whichteam are you on? And is this perhaps the most childishand catty RW season yet? Finally, isn’t Ashli’s arrogance/fake laugh more annoying than Parisa and Trisha combined? Join the support circle for RW addicts in the comments section below!