Hollywood may be shut down, but some creatives will be damned if a dwindling checking account is going to put them in a foul mood. Gilbert Gottfried joked that “there were [fewer] Jews in Schindler’s List” than were present at the Writer’s Guild of America rally in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park yesterday, adding that he was behind the striking writers 100 percent — unless he had to go to Congress to save his own ass.

Then, as was interviewing Sex and the City star Kristen Davis about the strike, a homeless man accosted her. This is how it unfolded: He asks for an autograph. She politely signs. He asks for her telephone number. She declines. He mumbles something about Viagra, which prompts and Davis to begin to walk away. He shouts, “Hey, say hello to Sarah Jessica Parker for me.” What’s more scary-funny? His reference to the get-it-up drug or his extensive knowledge of Sex and the City?

For those of your who can’t visit the picket lines in the flesh, there’s a bevy of material available on the Web (ironic, considering it’s the reason the industry is on strike). The writers of the Late Show update their blog on a daily basis. Today, they’ve posted a special video message from Edie Falco.

And, after the jump, you can check out a couple others featuring Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon from the Speechless Without Writers site: