By Amy Ryan
Updated August 04, 2020 at 11:41 AM EDT
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Let’s see, what did we learn about the Devil (Ray Wise) this week? Well, he enjoys funerals because they make people question the existence of God. He occasionally makes his minions do light plumbing as well as capture escaped souls. Oh, and he’s got a human girlfriend named Mimi (The O.C.‘s Melinda Clarke, pictured, left) and may have a human daughter who’s hot and likes horror movies.

Wise’s Devil is usually a glad-handing, back-slapping, fun-lovin’ guy, but on last night’s episode (titled “Ashes to Ashes”), he was actually scary, and not just for performing parlor tricks like sewing Sam’s mouth shut. Was he more intense this week because of actual concern for the safety of his girlfriend (a naive woman who thinks he’s an importer named Jerry, and whom he’s been casually stringing along for two decades)? Or was there some darker secret being protected? Was that secret Cady (Jessica Stroup), Mimi’s daughter, whom Sam (Bret Harrison, pictured, right) plans to ask out, even though he knows “Jerry” might be her dad? Is Satan trying to throw them together, as Sock believes, to make little baby reapers? And isn’t it convenient that she pops up just as Sam is giving up on the ambivalent Andi (who keeps saying “It’s complicated” to explain why she won’t go out with Sam)? Is it also a coincidence that we saw Sam’s dad for the first time in weeks, and that he also seemed to talk Sam out of waiting around for Andi? I still think Andi has some demonic secret she’s hiding from Sam, and that the Devil and Sam’s dad know what it is.

Notice that I’ve hardly mentioned the soul-of-the-week, a funeral home director who harvested his cadavers’ organs, got sued by their families, killed himself, and returned without a body to take revenge on them by bringing their loved ones’ cremated ashes back to life and choking their survivors. (Admittedly, the ash-monster effects were cheesy-cool.) Again, less interesting than the subplots, but it did provide a red herring that finally allowed us to meet Ben’s family, particularly his millionaire grandmother with the gift of prophecy. She shunned Sam and Sock when she noticed the presence of Satan in Sam’s palm, but after she saw the Work Bench trio capture the ash monster with a hair dryer, she gave them her blessing and said they were doing God’s work. Well, not exactly, Grandma, but sort of.

Questions: Am I right about Andi? Did you catch the in-joke in Cady’s reference to Vampire Bats (the made-for-CBS horror movie Stroup co-starred in a couple years ago)? Is she really Satan’s daughter or the daughter of another Prince of Darkness? ‘Cause her line in the preview for next week’s episode, in which she says she likes to bite the heads off live chickens, makes me think she might be Ozzy Osbourne’s progeny instead.


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