By Abby West
Updated November 28, 2007 at 09:45 PM EST

I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly filled with brotherly love and good tidings to all. I’m usually reluctant to jump right into the whole Christmas thing so quickly after Thanksgiving and I’d subconsciously blocked the fact that last night would be the last Bones for the year, but still I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy thanks to the surprising abundance of wish fulfillment in an episode that centered on a dead Santa. Booth got to spend Christmas day with his son, Parker, Brennan gave her father the “family” Christmas that he really wanted, and, oh yeah, did I mention that Booth and Brennan finally kissed?

Okay, so they didn’t have their tongues down each others throats or anything, but that was far more than an obligatory blackmailed kiss. He had her gum in his mouth when they were done! She grasped his lapels with both hands! He seemed unsteady on his feet when it ended and she looked very, very pleased with herself. Sure, she said it was like kissing her brother, who she must like very, very much. They both practically ran from the room, but that little kiss will likely stay with them both for a while.

Even if they could pretend they weren’t moved, theoh-so-puckish attorney Caroline seemed to be rocked to her core by whatshe’d just witnessed. You know she’s not just being mischievous, she’strying to matchmake (and maybe live vicariously through Brennan). She’sbeen watching those two like a hawk and intuits what’s going on beneaththe surface. She just used Brennan’s request for help (in getting useof a prison trailer to have Christmas with her convict dad and brother,and his girlfriend and stepkids) as an excuse to watch these two makeout. It’s a little pervy, but I’m not complaining.

Oh yeah, somewhere in there a pickpocketing Santa killed another,more saintly, St. Nick…I think. The killer was pretty apparent at thetop of that big reveal scene but it was worth it just to watch Boothand Brennan sniffing the butts of a row of Santas. I don’t really feelbad about making short shrift of the murder mystery this week (onemight say the writers did too) because we all know the episode wasreally about the kiss relationships.

It was moving to watch Brennan forgo her disillusionment to notonly orchestrate the Brennan family Christmas but also skip her trip toPeru to examine 1,500 year old skeletons in order to be a part of thecelebration. The whole idea seemed to click into place once Sweets (atleast no longer sporting elf ears) explained the importance ofChristmas spirit in an analytical way she could appreciate. She tookthat ball and ran with it.

Which was quite unlike Zack, whose skepticism about the existence ofSanta (if only as a child’s myth) was par for the course with him, aswas his wonky need to disprove the possibility. But how much must hehave been thinking about it to be able to calculate that Santa’d haveto make 822.6 visits every second to reach every child? Then again, heis a genius, so maybe he didn’t have to think about it for that long.

I’ve got no problem with neatly wrapped-up endings so I was thrilledthat Parker (safely) ran away to be with Booth for Christmas, insteadof going to Vermont with his mom and her new boyfriend, CaptainFantastic. (Yeah, it’s reminiscent of Chuck‘s Captain Awesome,but that’s okay.) But they really cued the waterworks when Booth solvedBrennan’s dilemma (it’s shank material, you know) byshowing up outside the trailer on Christmas eve, with a lit tree powered by his truck’s battery. Was I the only one who heardBrenna say, “I love you, Booth” instead of “I love my gift, Booth”? Ohwell.

So, how did none of the squints see the big kiss? What’s your dream scenario for the ramifications of this kiss? With this Bones dry spell coming up, I think I’m going to re-watch season 2. How will you guys cope?