By Lindsay Soll
November 27, 2007 at 09:01 PM EST
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That’s right, folks, the first shopping day after last Wednesday’s Project Runway, I headed to a Steve & Barry’s store—in Orlando, FL, where I was spending Thanksgiving—to check out contestant Victorya Hong‘s winning “neck-tie trapeze” frock (pictured here, on a model) when it debuted in Sarah Jessica Parker’s BITTEN collection.

Much to my dismay, the dress was not available in the charcoal color fabric that I thought I saw during the episode (my editor argues otherwise, but I saw dark gray on my sad, non-HDTV screen), but instead in black and burgundy. Other than that, no other design details were changed, though on the rack, the stretch-cotton dress could easily have been mistaken for an artist’s smock.

After trying on the dress and futzing with the attached scarf/bow/necklace thingie, I decided that for $19.98 it was worth taking home. Let’s be honest, the Project Runway and SJP stamps of approval probably swayed me a little (okay, a lot), but I really did like the fact that the garment was both forgiving and simple. Plus, it has pockets. Yay!

Also available for $14.98 was a grey and black version of the shrunken vest Victorya put over her design, but I passed on that, because really, for most of us, “shrunken” is just a code word for “impractical.”

Though a Steve & Barry’s spokesperson says the dress has been “flying off the racks,” there were plenty left in all sizes in the Orlando store when I went, so I’m betting there’s still time to grab one. (Sorry online shoppers, you can only get it in stores.)

So, Pop Watchers, tell me: Have any of you bought the dress, or at least gone to look at it? And what did you think of SJP as a guest judge? Did she pick the right challenge winner, or is there another design you’d rather have ended up at Steve & Barry’s?

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