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Following up on their surprisingly non-violent stage reunion at this year’s Coachella fest, the Jesus and Mary Chain are preparing their first album of new material in a decade; Billboard reports that constantly squabbling brothers Jim (pictured) and William Reid have written scads of new songs and will whittle them down to a dozen for a CD due in the first half of 2008. I wish I were more excited, but Whitney’s lukewarm review of their Coachella performance (even a Scarlett Johansson guest-vocal proved anticlimactic) and the sheer passage of time — the band’s heyday was really 10-20 years ago, wasn’t it? — make me worry that this’ll be just another lackluster, zombie-fied nostalgia act milking the last few drops of goodwill from aging hipsters with disposable incomes. Am I being overly pessimistic, PopWatchers? Are you eager to hear the Reids crank up the fuzzbox again, or have you moved on?

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