By Kate Ward
Updated November 27, 2007 at 08:00 AM EST

For those of you who are still watching America’s Most Smartest Model, you’ll know that last night was a sad day over at VH1. (For those of you who haven’t tuned in, think Top Model-meets-Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?—if you’re curious, the answer is no, they are not smarter than 5th graders). Anyhow, Jeff Pickel, the last remaining likable contestant on the show, was booted. Not only did the ouster confirm that “Pickel” probably isn’t the best moniker for a model (though admittedly better than Top Model Cycle 8’s Wholahay, a.k.a. Dionne), but the cut also managed to break a short-lived alliance—consisting of Andre, Rachael, Brett and Pickel—that didn’t really seem necessary on a show that’s more about one’s ability to look good while listing prime numbers than any talent for scheming. But even though formation of the alliance was somewhat superfluous, I have to say they made a humorous and intimidating foursome—primarily thanks to Andre’s eerie resemblance to Drago. (He will break you!)

But the end of said collaboration got me thinking about other great reality show alliances, be it for their watchability (as in the case of Smartest Model), or their sheer brilliance. Rock of Love, for one, featured one partnership—Lacey and Heather—that was as dirty (literally and figuratively) as it was entertaining. And when you’re talking alliances, you can’t avoid the grandparents of the art form: Survivor and Big Brother have been host to the most ingenious partnerships ever (hello Tagi alliance and Chill Town!)

Your turn, PopWatchers? Who do you think had the best alliance in reality TV history? And would the Most Smartest clique make your list?