Which shows to see in HDTV -- Why fans of ''CSI: Miami'' and ''Ugly Betty'' should watch in high def, but fans of ''NCIS'' and ''Boston Legal'' can skip it

By Alynda Wheat
November 23, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Which shows to see in HDTV

Wondering whether it’s worth dropping all the coin on an HDTV? It depends entirely on what you watch.

Worth It

CSI: Miami
From the stunning beaches to those neon lab lights, Miami‘s the only procedural that’s easy on the eyes, despite the bodies.

Isaac’s paintings pop in HD, and the cherry blossoms in feudal Japan looked so sublime they almost made Hiro’s subtitles worth it.

Pushing Daisies
A show named for flowers (and zombies) has to be bold. Daisies‘ palette is so candy-coated it’s Wonka-esque.

Ugly Betty
That poncho proved Betty ain’t afraid of color. Hi-def lets us revel in every fearless ensemble.

Not Worth It

Or CSI, Law & Order: SVU, ER — basically any show that relies on corpse close-ups is better off blurry.

Las Vegas
That zoom shot is no longer doing it for us. And between the Strip, the sun, and its model-hot cast, Vegas isn’t hitting its potential.

Boston Legal
There’s no appeal in boring offices and drab courtrooms. Plus, those tight shots of stars-of-a-certain-age don’t help anybody.

Back To You
Do we need to see every pore on Kelsey Grammer’s face to know he’s funny? The guy could be in black and white for all we care.