Okay, so I see a Hollywood Reporter story headlined “‘Ratatouille’ teams with ‘Ben’,” right? And I’m thinking, “Wow! Finally, someone out there has heard my silent call to combine Pixar’s recent rat-as-chef smash (featuring the voice of indie-rock-approved comedian Patton Oswalt) with that old ’70s movie about magical/psychotic apartment rats (featuring a theme song sung by a teenage Michael Jackson), forming a no-holds-barred big-screen ratstravaganza, preferably featuring a duet by MJ and Patton O. Sweet!” (And yes, I did just use the word ‘ratstravaganza.’)

Anyhow, then I read on, only to find that the Ben they’re talking about is actually some random Cartoon Network franchise called Ben 10. Wikipedia informs me that Ben 10 is about a kid who has a super-powered wristwatch, called “the Omnitrix,” which allows him to morph into a bunch of mighty aliens or something. Whatever. Point is, it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with rats as far as I can tell. Talk about bait and switch! (Um, sorry, that was a poor choice of idiom.) Anyway, way to ruin my day, Hollywood Reporter. Anyone want to join my letter-writing campaign?

addCredit(“Ratatouille: © Pixar/Disney; Ben: Everett Collection”)