Credit: Christian Lantry

Today is a very important day for all kinds of reasons. For some, it’s an opportunity to get a running start on Thanksgiving weekend. For others, apparently, Nov. 21 is something called…“No Music Day”?!

Personally, I marked this atrocious excuse for a holiday by blasting some Common as soon as I woke up this morning. (Side note: Finding Forever is still a really good album!) Later on, I’m considering spinning the new Iron & Wine, that awesome new OutKast song that leaked this week, or possibly side 3 of the White Album.

One thing I am definitely not doing: Voluntarily depriving myself of music for any extended period of time. Seriously, this is right up there with “No Enjoyment Day” on the list of random conceptual observances which are not based on any kind of coherent philosophy whatsoever — not even a dumb one! (“No Music Day is an aspiration, an idea, an impossible dream, a nightmare,” explain the holiday’s deep-thinking founders. Wha? At least they got that last word right.) And lest you think No Music Day is just some Web joke, the BBC’s Radio Scotland is actually doing this thing. Sucks for people who live in Scotland!

So, P-Dubs, which tunes are you playing today to rebel against this terrible, terrible idea? And don’t tell me that you’re actually celebrating it, or I may have to reconsider my plan to spend tomorrow giving thanks for all the wonderful afternoons I’ve whiled away blogging for you.

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