November 21, 2007 at 10:59 PM EST

The Earth is once again spinning on its axis and everything is back in order in box office land, PopWatchers. Hallelujah! Now that’s really something to give thanks for! After several nutty weeks, I pretty much nailed my box office predictions last weekend, and so did a majority of players in’s Fall Box Office Challenge. A huge 68 percent of prognosticators correctly called the winner (Beowulf) right, while 48 percent were savvy enough to see Bee Movie winding up at No. 2, and an impressive 44 percent eerily envisioned No Country for Old Men landing in the top 10 even though it was playing in just a small handful of theaters.

Better still, a few smartypantses came close to hitting our contest’s first perfect score. One of them was our winner, Cameron C. (a.k.a. “camclark13”) from Chicago, current home of 1998 Rose Bowl MVP Brian Griese and those lovely ladies at the Wiener’s Circle. The champ (who declined to be pictured here) had it all right except for flipping Nos. 8 and 10, a success about which C.C. says, “As for just missing the perfect score, the book for Love in the Time of Cholerawas much better than the book for Saw IV, so I voted it higher.” Funny! Turns out our victor here is both a smartypants and a comedian: At Thanksgiving dinner, mom will cook the turkey and C.C. will supply the funny. Have a good one, all!

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