By Mike Bruno
November 21, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
Jim Spellman/ (2) ; Jeffrey Mayer/

Nicolas Cage, Tracy Morgan, and Steve Buscemi have been tapped to voice characters in the upcoming Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films feature G-Force. The trio will join Bill Nighy and Will Arnett in the live-action/CG movie, about a group of extremely intelligent animal commandos working for a government agency trying to stop an evil billionaire from taking over the world. Cage will voice Speckles the mole; Morgan will voice Blaster the guinea pig; Buscemi will portray Bucky the hamster. Nighy will play an industrialist while Arnett will play an FBI agent. The feature marks the directorial debut of special effects guru Hoyt Yeatman, who won an Oscar for visual effects on The Abyss. Bruckheimer said Yeatman, and his son, also came up with the idea for G Force. Filming is currently underway with Bruckheimer producing. Cage was recently cast in Focus Features’ The Vanished, which is slated to start production in April. This year, he shot roles in a remake of Bangkok Dangerous, as well as the sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which Disney releases Dec. 21. Buscemi was recently cast in in John Rabe, the Florian Gallenberger-directed feature based on a true story about a German businessman who saved some 200,000 Chinese people during the 1937-38 Nanjing massacre. Morgan recently wrapped First Sunday, which stars Ice Cube and comedian Katt Williams. (Hollywood Reporter)