November 21, 2007 at 10:23 PM EST

I must get this out of the way: Sweets has to be just a red herring as the Gormogon killer, right?  I know there’s been speculation about this for a while (looking at you Jason) but the hints were so heavy-handed last night with his oh-so-timely insights and participation on the case that I have to believe they (the writers) are trying to throw us off the scent of the real killer. Besides, John Francis Daley is now a series regular. How long could they string us along and have him be the freak (Freaks and Geeks, get it? Sorry. Couldn’t help it.) who’s actually killing and eating people? That can’t be how they roll, can it?

Okay, with that out of the way, Wow! What a great episode. It was chock full if intrigue (hidden cameras in the vault, two Gormogons, etc.) and action, not to mention family drama, just so meaty…kinda like the dead guy in the opening scene.

addCredit(“Bones: Isabella Vosmikova”)

At first I was jarred by the change in pre-credits pacing. No Boothand Brennan, quipping over a body. Just a quick corpse reveal with Camand Booth, then back to the lab for more revelations (surgicallyremoved kneecaps), and then off to Brennan’s apartment to meet herfugitive brother’s girlfriend and open the package of kneecaps that hadarrived via U.S. mail. Brennan was so smooth in that situation,simultaneously comforting and helping the girlfriend by setting her upwith a doctor friend for her sick kid, while shuffling her out andkeeping an impassive eye on the package with the spreading blood stain.

That was just the beginning of the killer’s personal attack onBrennan and Booth. A bomb filled with teeth? Ewww! Danger/actionscenes with these two are always fun to watch because even with theirmutual concern for each other and Booth’s hero complex, Brennan’s nevera simple damsel in distress.  She’s always quick to walk it off and berational. You know, not like a girl.

Not only did we get some quality time with my favorite attorney,Caroline Julian (who looks like she’ll play a big role in next week’s”kiss” episode), but there was Ryan O’Neal back as the loving fatherwith the unusual methods. He lied to get son Russ to come back, but itwas Booth’s surreptitious phone calls that made things work out so Russcould be with his family, eventually.

There was no ending Booth/Brennan scene, but her grateful kiss on hischeek (after he let her brother visit the little girl in the hospital), plus Booth’s stunned and moved reaction, were enough to tide me over fornow. And instead we got a surprise murder scene for an ending as thelobbyist Booth saved earlier was attacked in his own home.

Anyone else slowly replay that last scene, trying to see the face ofthe killer? Did it look like a crazed Sweets? Who else fears we won’tget more than a quick peck from next week’s kiss? And on an unrelatednote, I want to be king of the lab! Don’t you?

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