By Amy Ryan
November 20, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Not only may Chuck Norris be able to save us, single-handedly, from an influx of illegal immigrants, but he might just save the TV networks from those striking Commies in the Writers Guild, through his own personal example of kicking butt and saying little. Yep, it looks like the networks, which continue to seek unscripted alternatives to the benched comedies and dramas that have been idling during the writers’ strike, are looking toward reality shows built around martial arts. (See articles here and here.) The idea evokes memories of how truly innovative and influential martial arts movies were when they first broke big nearly four decades ago. Movies like 1972’s Return of the Dragon (featuring Norris and Bruce Lee, pictured) distilled action movies to their essence, with only minimal dialogue to distract from scene after scene of exhilarating violence. No doubt this is the sort of thing the networks are looking for; the purer the violence, the more disposable those pesky writers become. But what do you think? Will you be able to get your kicks from a martial-arts reality show? Or does this news just make you want to weep, knowing how few new episodes are left of Pushing Daisies and How I Met Your Mother?

UPDATE: Guess it was inevitable that someone would conceive of a celebreality martial-arts show. Mark Cuban tells Time he’s working with fellow Dancing With the Stars alum Mario Lopez on a martial-arts series “where celebs beat the heck out of each other.” We’re all going to hell.

addCredit(“Bruce Lee: Everett Collection”)