By Kate Ward
November 20, 2007 at 08:08 PM EST

The cards certainly seemed to be stacked in favor of the Chuck cast during last night’s episode. Not only did our titular hero manage get lucky with two gorgeous gals –- Sarah, as well as deli owner Lou (Rachel Bilson, pictured) –- but Morgan sealed the deal with Buy More coworker Anna Wu, too. If that weren’t enough, Sarah and Chuck avoided getting blown up by a suspicious piece of cargo, and the luckiest of them all -– Bryce! -– somehow managed to reverse/dodge/cheat death altogether.

Yep, that’s right. As all you smarty pants predicted last week, the character we had long accepted as dead came back to life this week, rivaling Frankenstein in the plugs-and-wires department. (“It’s aliiiiiiive!”) And Bryce sure seems to have perfect timing; the one guy responsible for screwing with Chuck’s happiness over the past few years shows up just as the Nerd Herder and Sarah are starting to make their fake relationship a reality. But can we blame Chuck’s writers for the twist? What kind of self-respecting series can’t successfully sustain will-they-won’t-they sexual tension for at least a full season?

That tension did seem to break, if only for a few seconds, when Sarah’s jealousy plus Chuck’s ongoing sexual frustration plus the possibility of imminent death led to the couple’s long-awaited kiss. And boy, what a kiss, even if Chucklooked to be eating Sarah’s face a little. SeemsChuck preferred the CIA agent to a pastrami sandwich after all, as heasked Sarah on a real date in the episode’s final scene. Not that wewere able to see how Sarah would respond to Chuck’s voicemail -– for theupteenth time in last night’s show, an ex got in the way of the NerdHerder’s ability to successfully mack on a love interest.

Of course, Bryce’s sudden reappearance doesn’t only manage to placea barrier between our favorite couple-to-be, but also raises a number of questions. Among them: What really happened to Bryce? Is hedestined to be good or evil? (Judging by the preview for next week’sepisode, I’d guess the latter.) And why in the world was he stored in ashipping crate like a regular Peter Petrelli? Here’s my theory: The man in the pod is not really Bryce, but somesort of evil Bryce clone! (Discuss!)

But enough about Bryce. Let’s give Chuck some props for notone, not two, but three film references during the hour, including a Jerry McGuire quote, plus homages to Out of Sight and Titanic.And though Chuck’s hand on the Nerd Herd car’s steamy window wasslightly less sexy than his iceberg-bound counterpart, there’s nodenying that there was a heckuva lot of chemistry between our hero andLou. But we all knew that the new couple wouldn’t last long.Surprisingly, though,, the relationship’s downward spiral was not, as I predicted last week, the result of Lou hiding a secret, evil identity. Turns out shereally was as simple, cute and kind as expected(despite her illegalpurchase of foreign meats). But after being forced to lie to Lou ontheir second date/spy mission, Chuck decided he was not ready to have areal relationship. And though I’m sad to see Bilson part ways with Chuck so quickly, the couple’s cute-o-meter was veering dangerously to an explosion of lollipops andfluffy bunnies, so maybe it’s for the best.

Speaking of cute, I have to say that while Morgan’s courtship ofAnna Wu was somewhat ill-advised, the payoff –- a romantic scene betweenthe coworkers -– was adorable. Who knew that Morgan would haveeyes for someone other than his best buddy, Chuck? Though the finalmoments of the episode seemed to show that their hook-up was merely a one-off, here’s hoping that Morgan cancontinue to direct his galling tendencies away from our hero for achange.

What do you think? Do you support the Morgan-Anna Wupairing? Will Bryce use his second chance at life for good or evil? Howdid he end up in Finland, for that matter? Will Chuck stand up to Brycenext week? And finally, have you ever solved a fight by asking yoursignificant other to make you a sandwich?