Fabriclive.36: James Murphy and Pat Mahoney
Out Nov. 20

James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, LCD Soundsystem’s respective leader and drummer, have put together an analog, disco-romp addition to the popular Fabriclive Mix Series (from London nightclub Fabric). Since launching in 2001, the series has leaned toward the house/breaks tip, with sets by club-friendly spinners like Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, and Krafty Kuts. Fabriclive.36 also works for the dance floor, but with more of an old-school, crate-digger vibe; you’ll find vintage disco tracks like Instant Funk’s “I’ve Got My Mind Made Up” and Babytalk’s “Keep on Move,” with LCD’s own “Hippie Priest Bum-out” dropped in seamlessly along the way.

Frontline: On Our Watch
Airs Nov. 20 at 9 p.m.

The latest edition of PBS’ brilliant public affairs series (which celebrates its 25th anniversary next year) focuses on the current conflict in Darfur, which is estimated to have resulted in some 200,000 deaths and driven another 2.5 million from their homes. As always, the Frontline team isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty, and this time, it lands smack in the middle of the war in Sudan, including a trip to the refugee camps in eastern Chad with UNICEF goodwill ambassador Mia Farrow. Frontline attempts to figure out why, after witnessing the atrocities in Rwanda and pledging “Never again,” the United Nations and the United States have not taken action.

Everything’s Cool: A Toxic Comedy
Opens Nov. 23

NobelPeace Prize/Oscar winner Al Gore proved that documentaries about global warming are cool. Filmmakers Daniel B. Gold andJudith Helfand were apparently struck by the hip-to-be-green zeitgeistand traveled the country, interviewing artists, scientists, and averagecitizens committed to tbettering the environment, to create thisdocumentary exploring how and why it took us all so long to payattention to our planet’s health. The movie caused a buzz at Sundancelast year, partly because it includes a segment shot in Park City, UT,focusing on Canyons ski resort’s “snow groomer” Bish Neuhauser tryingto convert all of the facility’s transport vehicles to bio-diesel fuel.

Rob Zombie’s Holiday Hotline for PETA

Likeany good monster rocker-horror movie director, Rob Zombie is, ofcourse, a compassionate vegetarian. And apparently, when he’s notre-making slasher films, he likes to help PETA get out the message,like he did with their 2007 Holiday Hotline,the organization’s “compassionate alternative” to Butterball’s seasonal 800-hotline. “Every year Butterball’s Turkey Talk Line answers questionsabout how to boil, broil, roast, and toast the bodies of these gentle,smart, and social birds,” Zombie says on the streaming MP3 message.”What Butterball doesn’t tell you is that it, like other meatcompanies, tortures turkeys before they end up in the grocery stores.”He also reports, seemingly in all seriousness, that PETA once found aturkey slaughterer sexually assaulting a bird. It’s enough to make youstop and take pause, even if you wouldn’t be caught dead carving into a “tofurkey.”