Uh, oh, PopWatchers! We’ve got an MP3 advertising battle brewing between Mcirosoft’s Zune and Apple’s iPod. If you remember (and I’m quite sure it’s still bouncing around in your head), Apple snatched up Feist’s “1, 2, 3, 4” for its iPod Nano campaign earlier this fall, which led to an indie-crossover that earned Leslie more digital downloads than she could count. As for Microsoft, the company has countered with its new Zune commercial featuring the indie earworm, “Lake Michigan,” courtesy of Oakland foursome Rogue Wave. (EW’s Leah Greenblatt gave the band’s album, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, a B review back in September.) I’m sure the commercial will rocket sales for Rogue, and since I already blogged about indie acts selling out partnering with corporate advertisers, I’ll spare you another rant.

So, I’ve embraced it, and now I want you to tell me: Who will garner more mainstream attention from their new turn on TV commercials? Will Rogue Wave surpass Feist’s newfound fame? Or does “1, 2, 3, 4” have too much catchier-than-thou attitude? Check out both commercials after the jump, then weigh in on our message board below!