The pros and cons of Courtney Yates -- Does the ''Survivor: China'' contestant have the will to win the competition?

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated November 16, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Survivor: China

The pros and cons of Courtney Yates

The Prosecution
Things Courtney Yates dislikes: nature, sports, water, mud, working, fun, games, other people, tact. As she was rail-thin from the start, the show’s scavenger diet has not been her friend; she now lacks the strength to life her own skeletal elbows.

The Defense
She got power player Todd to beg for her friendship. She sat back and watched other tribe members dispatch enemy Jean-Robert. The only person to whom she poses a physical threat is herself, yet she’s already won individual immunity. Don’t look now, but our skinny cynic may be a lock for the finals.

The Verdict
The whole ”become a physical nonentity while simultaneously appearing not to give a panda’s ass about what’s happening at camp” strategy is a new one, but that doesn’t make it compelling to watch. (Screaming at Probst to ”shut up” during a challenge is bratty, not edge, dear.) It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to throw their suppost behind a girl who exhibits such complete and utter disdain for every aspect of the process. We might line up to throw sandwiches, though.

Survivor: China

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