Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks

As a younger teen, American Idol‘s latest winner, Jordin Sparks, was a plus-size model. Now 17, she has a debut album arriving with minus-size expectations. Chalk that up both to sixth-season Idol fatigue and to doubts about whether her TV likability would count for much on a CD. First single ”Tattoo” wasn’t encouraging, with producers Stargate copping from their own ”Irreplaceable” yet making Sparks sound bland enough that Beyoncé wouldn’t mind the rip-off. Throw in her maligned Idol coronation anthem, ”This Is My Now,” and Sparks may as well start singing ”There went my now.”

But hold on: Despite the misfires, Jordin Sparks is as much effervescent fun as any post-Idol bow. She’s probably the least showboaty winner, so forget the go-for-broke ballads that legendary record man Clive Davis — absent from his usual role as exec producer of Idol champs’ discs — might have favored. Instead, expect R&B-flavored froth-pop embellished with just enough vocal flourishes. Standouts include producers Bloodshy & Avant’s three electro-pop contributions, especially ”Shy Boy.” (If B&A made Britney’s CD listenable, imagine what they can do with a singer.) Throughout, Sparks seems content to serve the song, whether that involves dramatic tension (”Now You Tell Me”) or a soft bed of layered harmonies (”See My Side”). True, Idol has crowned winners with even bigger voices, but it hasn’t given us one who’s any easier on the ears.

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Jordin Sparks
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