By Alynda Wheat
Updated November 16, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Classy? Screw classy. We like ironic. Last night Jorja Fox walked away from her troubled CSI character Sara Sidle, ending her near-series run (Sidle started collecting DNA samples in the forensic drama’s second episode). It hasn’t been an easy road for Fox (click here to read her exit interview with EW’s Lynette Rice), who, along with George Eads, was briefly fired from the show over a contract dispute. Life hasn’t exactly been easy for her character, either—CSI’s season 7 cliffhanger left off with Sidle’s kidnapping, and this season picked up with her trapped under a car in the rain, nearly drowning, then stumbling in the desert until she was rescued, minutes from death by her lover/boss Grissom (William Petersen).

While last night didn’t provide all that dramatic an exit—Sidle does not go down in a blaze of glory of any kind—it was a memorable one. CSI fans will remember Hannah West (Juliette Goglia), a conniving child prodigy who got her big brother off on a murder rap. As brilliant as she is devious, Hannah’s fluent in manipulation, and she takes nervous-wreck Sara on one last, emotional ride, this time framing her big brother—the only family she has left—for murder. In the end, though, both the CSI and the prodigy end up as little girls lost. Yeah, maybe it’s a tidy little bow with which to wrap up a complicated character that had fans falling on both sides of the love/hate divide. But look at it this way: We damn sure won’t forget her.

What did you think of Fox’s CSI swan song? And will her character be missed as the show goes on without her? Let your feelings out in the comments section below.