By Joshua Rich
Updated November 15, 2007 at 06:53 AM EST

This freaky-deaky season at the multiplex continues, PopWatchers, and our latest report from’s Fall Box Office Challenge finds pretty much everyone duped by Bee Movie‘s surprise ascension to No. 1 in its second weekend. As Jerry Seinfeld might say, “What is the deal with that?” Hell if I know. This turn of events still has my head spinning — just like it caught a whopping 95 percent of players (most of whom picked either disappointing newcomer Fred Claus or reigning champ American Gangster to win) off guard.

Our winner this week was one “psykohurricane” (a.k.a. He or She Who Shall Not Be Named or Pictured… Because He or She Didn’t Reply to Our E-Mail”), who, amazingly, picked the top three films in correct order. Which, considering it was such a cockamamie weekend, is like hitting a Kentucky Derby trifecta featuring three long shots. Of course, at the track, such a prediction would net a gazillion bucks; here, all “psykohurricane” gets is a frown from me for having failed to come forward and thus preventing me from expounding on his or her hometown. Maybe Psyko is from Spring Green, Wis., site of the king of all American roadside attractions, The House on the Rock. Or maybe Psyko lives in Windsor, Ont., home of the mouth-watering Tunnel Bar-B-Q. We may never know. Oh well, so bee it.