By Marc Bernardin
Updated November 14, 2007 at 10:24 PM EST


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Tell me…if you were 12 years old, and totally dug cartoons and lobbied your parents for months to go see the Transformers movie even though it was PG-13 and had strong language and sweaty ladyparts and you studied for weeks to get that B- on your history test but it qualifies because they asked for a B and the minus doesn’t render the B a not-B…

I’m sorry. Memory lane.

If you were 12 years old, would you watch this, the new Transformers: Animated series, coming (allegedly) to the Cartoon Network in early 2008:

I’ll tell you why I wouldn’t after the jump.

This looks like what a kid inside a cartoon show would watch on TV. And the voices… All those fans who lobbied to get original Optimus Prime voice Peter Cullen cast in Michael Bay’s flick were right. That ‘bot needs a crazy deep voice, so that it sounds like echoes rumbling in a metal chest.

I’ll give them props for keeping the theme song. Even though I sorta wish they redid “The Touch.” If the Diggler can do it…

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