By Joy Piedmont
November 14, 2007 at 04:00 PM EST

Are you someone who cries a lot? I am. Pretty much anythingmight get me in a weepy mood. TheNotebook? Check. City Lights? Check. The “toy boat” eBay commercial? Yes, indeed. Alright, so I cried watching 13 Going on 30, but I’venever before cried because of a movie trailer. Then I watched the trailers for August Rush (Nov. 21) and P.S., I Love You (Dec. 21).

First of all, Freddie Highmore playing a musicallygifted orphan is a sure way to tears with me. Also, I didn’t know the plot of P.S., I Love You when I decided to check out the trailer, and I paid the price for my ignorance. A dead husband helps his widow grieve via posthumous love letters — I didn’t stand a chance. Maybe these movies won’t be actually as sad as they seem in the promos, but I’mwilling to bet that I’ll cry if I watch them.

Do these trailers make you cry, PopWatchers? If not, which movietrailers have rendered you a sobbing mess? (Watch the August Rush trailer below, and the P.S., I Love You trailer after the jump.)