By Joy Piedmont
November 13, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

News flash: Carrie Underwood brings love, peace, and harmonywherever she goes! That’s right folks, she can make meter maids and illegalparkers get along, inspire city pedestrians to dance, and even get free flowers — all of which she does in the video for her new single, “Ever Ever After” from the forthcoming Disney movie Enchanted.Maybe it helps to be an animated… princess? …generic wistful maiden? It’snot really clear who she is, but the important thing is that cartoon Carrie leapsinto the real world and finds true love with a guy she passes on the street. Yup,finding a soulmate is not really complicated if you’re a cartoon=turned-live-action person. I’m kind of jealous that Carrie’s getting free flowers, butthe song has a catchy hook and she sounds great singing it. Although it doesscare me a little that the cartoon Carrie is a little more expressive than thereal thing.

After I ponder the logic of the video some more, I’ll probably downloadthe single and sing along in an attempt to effect world peace and charm thelocal florist. (Seriously though, I am downloading the single). That’s my take,PopWatchers, but watch the video and tell me: do you believe in fairy tales and happy endings? And is theextra “ever” really necessary or just a nice fit with the melody?Discuss, but beware of attempting to use the song to get out of a parkingticket.