By Mike Bruno
Updated November 13, 2007 at 10:57 PM EST
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If there’s one thing that rubs a writer the wrong way, it’s when a story becomes rote, and that’s exactly what Gossip Girl showrunner Josh Schwartz sees happening to the writers strike. “The strike has already entered its post-modern phase,” Schwartz says. “It’s already been ritualized and now it’s being satirized.”

Midway through week 2 of the walkout with no end in sight, Schwartz seems ready for someone to rewrite the script for striking writers. “Now there are the strike clichés, like agents showing up with donuts and/or coffee. It’s just so predictable. Or the bad chants, like ‘We write the story-a, Eva Longoria.’ Who came up with that? And the sheer number of Priuses parked on the side of the road. Even what I just told you in the last 10 minutes has become hacky.”


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