By Marc Vera
November 13, 2007 at 11:31 PM EST

I like to think that I don’t get starstruck. I do work forEW after all. I had no problem interviewing Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) andDeb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), or hanging out with David Byrne (he likespumpkin pie), but when I saw some reality “stars” last night beforeheading to a concert by Immaculate Machine, I kinda lost it.

Last night I had dinner at Perilla (Top Chef Season 1 winnerHarold Dieterle’s restaurant) with some friends. Being a huge Top Chef fan, I had to try itout (it was amazing). While sitting at the bar, whoshould walk in but Jeff Lewis (pictured, left) and Jenni from Flipping Out! Amazing, right? (Am I the only one excited bythis?!) Why I spazzed out is still troubling me. (I basically turned into abumbling toddler who kept babbling throughout the whole meal.) Maybe it was because Jeff looked hotter inreal life, even if he still had that pouty four-year old face. Or maybe it was Jenni’s glow… seriously, howdoes she do it?! So there you have it, Iwas struck, it was bad, end of the story. (See, how pitiful is that?)  I didn’t even talk to them, just stared alittle, fantasized I was sitting at their table. And oh yeah, Harold came out to talk to them,and only them. Must be a “reality TV show” thing.

Gah! So after abrilliant meal, I headed over to see Immaculate Machine (pictured, right). You don’t know Immaculate Machine? You should, especially if you like the NewPornographers, because Kathryn Calder tours with them… when Neko Case isn’t there,which is more often than not these days. But IM doesn’t sound like The New Pornographers. To me, they are a mash-up of everything thatwas good in college rock back in the early ’90s (think The Judybats, BlakeBabies). Jangly guitar pop, lusciousthree-part harmonies, and songs that make you feel warm inside. Take a listen to “Jarhand” and tell me yourlegs aren’t bouncing around. Yep, therethey go. So multiply that by a thousand,and that’s their live show. Oh yeah, Kathryn is amazingly nice, and theirdrummer, Luke, looks like Rhys Ifans. (See, not star struck with music people!)If you see her on tour with The New Pornographers in Europe later on this month, tell her I said “Hi.” If you aren’t in Europe,catch them Dec. 7 at the Vera Project in Seattle. (Ha!)

Tell me, who would you be/have you been starstruckover?