The 10 hottest topics for the week of November 16, 2007

By Scott Brown
November 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Katie Holmes secretly enters the New York City Marathon
After crossing the finish line, she kept on running in the general direction of Canada.

2 Upcoming book says Lincoln visited a hooker
Man, the Lincoln rumors get kinkier every year. In six months, he’ll be on Stern.

3 Naomi Campbell meets Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez
The two hammered out a historic accord that allows them to share phone-throwing technology.

4 Alicia Silverstone supports farm bill amendment
Suddenly, without even trying, she’s beating Dennis Kucinich.

5 Angelina Jolie says she’s shy about computer-simulated nudity
Luckily, a quick Google search turns up several websites designed specifically to help her get over this shyness.

6 Al Gore’s screenwriter daughter, Kristin, pens a D.C.-based sex comedy
Unfortunately for her and the WGA, this may be one area where reality has the edge on scripted.

7 Slash mistaken for fake Slash at Halloween party
Always check the tag!

8 Oprah launches her own YouTube channel
As part of the deal, the site will be rebranded YouGoGirlTube.

9 Sylvester Stallone in talks to remake Death Wish
He’s the one aggrieved white dude in America who’s still got plenty of revenge due him: The writer of Tango & Cash still walks the streets, a free man.

10 The writers’ strike is on!
And by the way, I still haven’t seen one residual for that Lincoln joke.