By akarpel
Updated November 09, 2007 at 05:49 AM EST

TNT’s Saving Grace, the Holly Hunter starrer about a cynical cop in a spiritual crisis, will wrap up its first season as originally planned, with four new episodes airing this December. But Hunter, who spent the morning picketing in solidarity with her show’s writers, tells Hollywood Insider that season two — which was to begin shooting in January and start airing next summer — will almost certainly be delayed. “If the strike ended at the end of this month we still wouldn’t start [in January] because the writers will have lost a month [prepping story lines and writing scripts],” Hunter reports. “A month off will absolutely put every writing staff a month back.”

So how did Hunter feel about picketing? “Fantastic! Fabulous! I am in such support of the WGA,” says the actress, who pounded the pavement outside midtown Manhattan’s Time Warner Center. “What the writers want is utterly reasonable.” And, she says, it’s in line with what the actors’ guild will likely demand next summer: “It’s a prelude to the ending of the actors’ contracts at the end of June. New media is something that writers and actors simply have to become financially involved in. I mean, if people are seeing our movies and our television series on the Internet, actors and writers have to get residuals.”