By Gretchen Hansen
Updated November 09, 2007 at 08:51 PM EST

Sometime last week, the sock (that’s right, a sock) worn by the cameraman whose foot Britney allegedly ran over was reportedly sold on eBay for more than $1,000. Disappointed you missed your chance to bid? No worries, as celebrity paraphernalia is never in short supply. This week, you can purchase the actual Mercedez-Benz convertible driven (and crashed) by Lindsay Lohan (pictured) for a mere $120,000. Behind the wheel of this dream ride, you’ll see the world the way we imagine LiLo sees it, through cracked glass. Don’t let your current anonymity put the anti-lock brakes on your budding celebrity: buy this car today, sit back, and set the cruise control for your own road trip of fame, misfortune, and frequent traffic-law citations.

Okay, I wouldn’t break my bank account to buy Lindsay’s car. But I’ll admit, eBay has quite an addictive quality, and I find myself wondering if, perhaps, I really need a personalized Patrick Dempsey screen print pillowcase. Or considering where I’d display a $400 bust of Harrison Ford as the legendary Indiana Jones. Or deciding if I’d use a Fight Club bar of soap for practical or decorative purposes. My own fascination notwithstanding, I’ve never actually bought anything off eBay, but I’m wondering, what’s your biggest entertainment-themed purchase? Do you look at your life-sized wax replica of Wayne Newton and think that maybe you should have saved your money for something a little more practical? Like food? Or rent? Or are you very happy with your decision to get that Star Trek Worf Starfleet wrist lamp?

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