By Marc Bernardin
November 08, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Ever get the feeling that the other folks on the Today Show aren’t all that fond of Ann Curry? For instance, I was watching Today this week, when they were all into their “At the Ends of the Earth” stunt. On Monday, Matt Lauer was in the arctic circle, Al Roker was at the equator, Meredith Viera’s in the NYC studio (wimp), and Ann Curry was in Antarctica. Bully for them. Neat little programming trick.

By yesterday, everyone’s back in the studio…except Ann. Who’s been trying, and failing, to make it to the South Pole. And today, after, like, 48 attempts, she finally got there. But I got this weird vibe that they were all kinda glad to see her try, for as long as she needed to. “Don’t give up, Ann. Grrrl power! (But take your time.)”