By Joshua Rich
November 07, 2007 at 11:28 PM EST

The results from last weekend’s round of’s Fall Box Office Challenge reveal that, fortunately for me, I wasn’t the only person to incorrectly assume that Bee Movie would out-gross American Gangster (pictured). Thanks for sharing my clouded crystal ball, players! You made me look, um, not so bad. Anyway, a whopping 64 percent of folks wrongly predicted that Jerry Seinfeld’s animated excuse to air all those TV Juniors was going to finish in first place, while just 26 percent correctly heard the Denzel Washington-Russell Crowe train a-comin’. Our winner was one Dave A. (a.k.a. “dtomicbomb”) from Buffalo, N.Y., home of wings, Bills, Sabres, a few straggling Scott Norwood haters, and Big Russ. As it happens, D.A. beat one-time Box Office Challenge victor — and unexpected PopWatch heartthrob — Wayne W. by a measly 100K this week. (Sorry, folks, no beefcake!) D.A. reports that he “picked American Gangster over Bee Movie because Bee Movie was overhyped andover-marketed. I was especially turned off by those ridiculously annoying BeeMovie TV Juniors that played ad nauseum on NBC.” Right on, dude! But, goodness, talk about turn-offs: D.A. declined to submit a photo of himself, explaining that, “no camera can truly capture my intense good looks.” The box office hunks sure are elusive this week, PopWatchers.

addCredit(“’American Gangster’: David Lee”)