By Michael Slezak
Updated July 30, 2020 at 05:51 PM EDT
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Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

As someone who introduces his television to house guests as his “baby,” I’m a little worried how I’ll cope if the Hollywood writer’s strike drags on for months and months. (Read our Hollywood Insider blog for the latest updates on the strike.) True, the networks have a backlog of episodes for most of their scripted series — click here to check out the Los Angeles Times‘ handy guide — and there are plenty of new and existing reality series waiting in the wings, but let’s face it: Man cannot survive on Top Model, Idol, and Survivor alone. (And, for the record, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Phenomenon.)

To help quell my worst fears about the strike, I’ve been cooking up a contingency plan during which I’ll fill my calendar by catching up on DVDs of great series that I’ve either missed or haven’t watched in eons. As it stands, my strike-induced TV schedule will look something like this:

Sundays: The Wire (pictured) — I’m starting to worry that my failure to watch HBO’s acclaimed drama is putting my marriage in jeopardy. I figure I might as well use the strike to ensure I’ll never again hear the words, “When are you going to sit down and watch The Wire already?”
Mondays: Profit — I loved Adrian Pasdar’s short-lived Fox drama when it first aired in 1996, but how will it hold up a decade later?
Tuesdays: Prime Suspect — I’ve caught the occasional episode of Helen Mirren’s tense crime drama, but now it’s time for complete and total immersion. Plus, watching British folks on TV automatically makes you smarter.

Wednesdays: The Comeback/Arrested Development — Two dearly departed comedies that will always top my fantasy Nielsen ratings. I need to see that!
Thursdays: Dynasty — Perhaps the only series on DVD that can pinch hit for Dirty Sexy Money, Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives — all in one campy swoop.addCredit(“The Wire: Everett Collection”)

Okay, so that’s the lineup for Slezak TV if the strike doesn’t cometo a quick resolution. What series on DVD will you use to survive thedark days ahead?