Music video double-vision -- Paul McCartney, Mary J. Blige, and Regina Spektor all play multiple roles in their videos

By Leah Greenblatt
November 02, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Music video double-vision

Pop stars learned how to clone themselves before scientists duplicated Dolly the sheep’s DNA in 1996 — see ex-Beatle Paul’s Reagan-era breakthrough video. Then came the four Alanises singing along to ”Ironic” and the catfighting Mariahs in ”Heartbreaker.” Below, more-recent ”me, myself, and I” clips — plus Sir Paul’s classic.

”Just Fine” Mary J. Blige
In the debut clip for Blige’s December CD Growing Pains, a trio of Marys sing side by side like postmillennial Supremes, extolling the virtues of self-esteem — and, apparently, a superversatile hairdresser. Groundbreaking CGI it ain’t, but all three MJBs look fabulous. B+

”Big Things Poppin’ (Do It)” T.I.
Before his recent arrest on weapons charges, the Atlanta rapper was busy flip-flopping between his two personae: T.I. and T.I.P. Here, the pair trade off snarky barbs and tour-bus push-ups — nothing like combining cut-downs and cardio! B+

”Better” Regina Spektor
The quirky folkie who dazzled YouTubers earlier this year with the colorful clip for ”Fidelity” reemerges in this Regina-by-the-dozen caper, in which the singer frolics among her doppelg?ers on a sunny hilltop and also sings in triumvirate. Quite the Spekt-acle. A-

”Coming Up” Paul McCartney
Macca went multi in this clip from his 1980 solo disc, McCartney II, perhaps pioneering the use of many-me’s in music videos. While he plays some 10 versions of himself (bearded drummer, Buddy Holly-esque guitarist…), wife Linda doubles in mustachioed drag. McKooky! A