By Thom Geier
Updated November 01, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Time didn’t name George R.R. Martin “the American Tolkien” for nothing. With the success of his ongoing epic series A Song of Ice and Fire — whose last few titles have topped the New York Times best-seller list — the author has established himself as a giant in modern fantasy fiction. Not bad for a former fanzine writer who had a stint as a story editor on The Twilight Zone in the mid-’80s. This fall, Martin is publishing two hefty volumes of stories, Dreamsongs Vol. 1 and 2, showing his broad range of narrative styles.

But we at EW could use your help. Chances are, some of you PopWatchers know Martin’s work better than we do. So we’d like to turn over the questions in an upcoming interview with the author to you. If you were to get Martin in a room, what would you ask him? Your queries can be general (what are your influences?) or super-specific (what did you mean on page 374 of A Feast of Crows?). Post your questions below.