By Mandi Bierly
November 01, 2007 at 09:01 PM EDT

Which celebs are currently on your Top 5 (the list of people with whom you’d happily have relations — even if it required you making a large donation to their favorite charity)? And which star once made the list and, unfortunately, your friends will never let you forget it?

Here’s why I’m asking: I’ve been without a Top 5 for awhile now, and it’s starting to worry me. Some people may call it maturity; I call it boring. I liked having people who got me giddy on sight. Who’d enter the countdown “with a bullet.” Who I’d tell friends could randomly propose marriage to me on the street Jon Stewart, and I’d respond “Sure, I’ll give that a go” and mean it.

So please, share your current Top 5s, and maybe I’ll get inspired. Also, confess those crushes that never should have been — just because it’ll make me (whose friends love to remind her that Adrien Brody reportedly goes by the name A. Ranger when he produces hip-hop beats) smile.