Seven days in entertainment -- Last week's biggest events including Claire Danes on Broadway, filming the ''Sex and the City'' movie, and much more

October 26, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Welcome to a new feature in EW: our tour of some of the most memorable showbiz moments from the past week. And last week was a week like no other. Actually, wait — it was a week like many others. A beloved TV show becomes a film. A movie star bows on Broadway. And Jessica Simpson makes eyes at Robert Plant. What?? Read on…

Magda Sighting!
We missed you most of all, Lynn Cohen, which is why we’re launching The Scene’s weekly peek at the making of the Sex and the City movie with you, Cynthia Nixon, and…the redheaded kid playing Brady.

One Fair Lady
Claire Danes looked pleased after making her Broadway debut in a revival of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. Will she still be smiling after she reads our review of her Eliza Doolittle?

A Stretch?
Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn form an unlikely couple — and the lotus pose — in the romantic comedy Management, now shooting in Oregon.

Web Obsession of the Week
Another show about pretty girls doing nothing? No, MySpaceTV’s original series Roommates really is about something. Like Violet getting caught changing. Or Sigourney stealing Heather’s headphones. Oh, and Heather sitting on Sigourney in retaliation. (

‘Tis the Season
”It’s not like I am constantly attending awards shows, so it is nice to get out and see old friends,” said Richard Gere at the Hollywood Film Festival’s 11th Annual Hollywood Awards on October 22.

Two for One
Borat’s new book, out Nov. 6, is an eccentric guide to both the Minor Nation of U.S. and A. and the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Guess which country supports his hobby of entering Freddie Mercury look-alike contests? ”Here, as he request, I am post a delicious hamboorger to Premier Nazarbamshev in Kazakhstan.” — Borat Sagdiyev, first-time author of Borat: Touristic Guidings to Minor Nation of U.S. and A.

The Odd Couple
Robert Plant and Jessica Simpson meet minds at the taping of his CMT Crossroads with Alison Krauss. We think that’s enough of a joke.

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