Jay-Z's next career move-- Will the rapper resign as Def Jam's president and CEO or return to his performing roots?

By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated October 26, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jay-Z’s next career move

Def Jam president and CEO Shawn Carter says he didn’t miss his day job while recording American Gangster as Jay-Z. ”You need a meeting so everyone can know what everyone is thinking, and it’s such a big company that those meetings take hours. ” Though his work at Def Jam has yielded 2007 hits from Rihanna, Kanye West, and Ne-Yo, his contract expires in January 2008. Will he stay or will he go? ”We’ll see how it works out,” he says ambivalently, while laughing off rumors that have him mulling a move to rival Columbia — home to his girlfriend, Beyoncé — or to Apple, where some say the couple would chair an album-releasing wing. For now, Jay, who returned to his Def Jam office the day after he finished Gangster, is keeping an open mind. ”If everybody’s dedicated to changing [music-business] history, I want to be [at Def Jam]. But I don’t want to be the president just to be the president. I’m cool. I don’t have to have a title.”

American Gangster

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