By Joshua Rich
October 26, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

FLASH! This just in to’s box office news center: The winner of last week’s Box Office Challenge has revealed himself at last. (Not that my playful mocking of the formerly anonymous prognosticator had anything to do with it. Just kidding, dude. You really are the best. Congrats on the victory.) Anyway, said dude is one Wayne C. Webb from the great suburb of Toluca Lake, Calif., former home of Bob Hope and the original IHOP (but not, it turns out, the current home of the nation’s oldest Bob’s Big Boy, which, contrary to popular belief, resides just next door in Burbank). WCW reports that he’s always been a box office follower and credits his Challenge championship last week to having avoided the Rendition trap that so many others fell into. “This week I just knew Rendition was going to underperform based on what peoplewere saying, the ads, and the buzz,” WCW says, adding, “plus I really didn’t want to see it.” Makes sense. Say, WCW, any interest in seeing Saw IV?