By Amy Ryan
Updated October 26, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

Man, I really want season 7 of 24 to be good, especially after the disappointment that was Day 6, but this trailer doesn’t give me a lot of hope. (Warning: Trailer is full of spoilers.) I mean, it’s enough of a stretch that Tony Almeida is coming back from the dead, but to make him a rogue agent on top of that? Also, it’s nice to see daylight and a change of scenery (CTU is apparently history, and Jack is in Washington, testifying before professional curmudgeon and former That ’70s Show dad Kurtwood Smith), but the terror plot — a computer hack attack — is snoozeville. Tell me, Bauer-philes, am I missing something? Is there something in this clip that makes you eagerly anticipate the Jan. 13 season 7 premiere?