By Joy Piedmont
Updated October 24, 2007 at 05:45 PM EDT

Judging from its trailer, Step Up 2: TheStreets manages to do something pretty impressive — that is, to cram in clichés and plot lines from almost every majordance movie of the last 30 years. The snooty conservatoryballerinas from Center Stage? Check.The underground dance-offs from Breakin? Check. The initial friction betweenthe love interests from Dirty Dancing?Check. Oh yeah, throw in a scruffy fish-out-of-water heroine (Save the LastDance) and a geeky friend (Fame) justfor good measure. I haven’t seen Step Up,but I’ll admit that I wanted to when I first saw its trailer. However, thissequel, opening Valentine’s Day ’08, seems so derivative, I’m gonna have to pass. Besides, they lost me when Chase (Robert Hoffman) declares: “She has more talent, and more conviction than anyone else I know!” Blërg.

Watchthe trailer for yourself, and see how many recycled plots you recognize. Ten points for every new ripoff you mention in the comments section below!