By Shirley Halperin
Updated October 24, 2007 at 10:50 PM EDT
Credit: Carol Kaelson

I’m talking strictly ballroom here, but there’s no denying Dancing with the Stars’ Melanie Brown and her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, have some serious chemistry. They save those hot, effortless-looking routines for the floor, but once the (TV) lights go down, you’d think this wacky duo was a brother-sister team, or an old married couple (see our post-show chat below). Still, having covered the series for three seasons now, I can honestly say I’ve never seen Maks, who’s pined for a top spot since day one and is the only dancer to match the ego of even the most narcissistic celebrity contestant, look happier. I say he’s finally gonna make it all the way (now, if he could only learn to button his shirt). What do you think? Do they have a shot? Chime in, once you’ve read our interview, after the jump.

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EW: Usually, you get handed a song to dance to. Did you have any say in choosing “Spice Up Your Life” for the samba?
Mel: They gave it to me, actually, and said, “Do you want to changeit? If you do, then we understand,” but I was, like, “No, I love it. Wewrote it!”
Maks: Well, we had to slow it down a little bit, it was kind of fast.

EW: Was the encore any easier since the pressure was off?
Mel: No! It’s just as nerve-wracking because I want to make sure Ido my best and don’t mess up on any level. You’re used to it, Maks.Especially to me messing up.
Maks: She messed up three times yesterday.
Mel: You didn’t tell me that! You only told me about one mistake. If you had said three times, I wouldn’t have slept last night.
Maks: Exactly, and you wouldn’t have been dancing today, you wouldhave been all nervous and making up injuries and not coming torehearsals.

EW: You had an injury?
Mel: I have an eye infection.
Maks: (Rolling eyes) And next week it’s going to be something else.
Mel: Where are my shoes? [The ABC staffer assigned with their safety seems to have wandered off.]

EW: Mel, you said “I’m sorry” to Maks at the end of the dance, what was that about?
Mel: You know why? Because I turned around…
Maks: She hit me right in my mouth…
Mel: I looked and he was flat on his back. I gave him a back crack!
Maks: I was in between your boobs.
Mel: I don’t remember that. Ha, you loved it.
Maks: Every second.

EW: OK, we’re getting a little intimate here. So Maks, it’s safeto say Mel is your favorite Spice Girl now, but who was it 10 years agowhen they were at the height of their popularity?
Maks: Most of them are very heterosexual so I was not looking at the Spice Girls…

EW: Huh? What do you mean?
Mel: Yeah, what are you saying?
Maks: I wasn’t a fan of the Spice Girls. It was a girly thing to do.
Mel: Or if you’re eight years old…
Maks: Doesn’t mean I don’t like girls. The Spice Girls, I mean. Theywere all very nice, but (with slight linguistic frustration), forgetit, she is my favorite, okay?

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